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February 10, 2023


AAMSAZ will present a cultural and educational experience by providing items of significance with stories of struggles and triumphs presented by knowledgeable volunteers and staff. We are devoted to gather and share stories, images, and artifacts as we document, digitize, and preserve African American and Black life, culture, and history in Southern Arizona to benefit the community.

University of Arizona Athletics / Basketball Honors Ernie McCray

Ernie McCray was inducted to the Ring of Honor! Congratulations Ernie! To learn more about this amazing educator and community advocate, visit this page.

Coming in February/March

2/23 – Rodeo Parade /Start of Tucson Rodeo

2/23 – World Understanding & Peace Day

2/26 – Rodeo Parade & the start to the Tucson Rodeo

3/3 to 3/4 – Tucson Festival of Books

3/3 to 3/12 – UA Spring Break


Spotlight Story

The Ribbon Was Cut

Thank you Tucson, The University of Arizona, Phoenix, and the Southern Arizona Community for showing up at the museum Saturday, January 14, 2023, there were more than 350 people present! Thank you for your support and sharing your knowledge with us! We are excited that the museum has already begun making connections in the community and some have stretched to both ends of the United States!

Thank you to the Facilities Management team who we could not have done this without you…Chris, Charlie, Steve, David, Yoda… 🙂 Rog and everyone on that team!

Thank you Dr. Robbins for your support! Also, thank you Dr. Lehman Benson.

Beverely Elliott and grandkids

Our Origin/Our History

In February 2021 Jeremiah “Jody”, our seven-year-old grandson, was assigned to complete a report during Black History month on an African American Hero. He went online and then asked, “Nanu (that’s what our grandchildren call me) don’t you help people with a museum in Michigan?” I said, “Yes, I do.” Then he went on to say, “So, where is the museum I can go to here in Tucson to learn about African American people who lived around here?”

I told him I would look into it and found what I already knew would probably be the case. The history of African American people, particularly around the country, is more like collections of artifacts, hearsay, documents, and things in trunks, garages, basements, and attics. Jody wanted me to know that we should have an official museum in Tucson and I agreed! So, on April 15, 2021 I began my research.

– Beverely Elliott

Next Month is Women’s History Month…

Let’s Talk about the Women’s Plaza of Honor on the Campus of the University. Hope you’ve been there if not… take a peak! https://plaza.sbs.arizona.edu/ and https://www.aamsaz.org/african-american-womens-arch/.

There’s a bench on the Plaza that honors RBG! So…

AAMSAZ is launching a campaign to have a bench placed on the Women’s Plaza of Honor in tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson the First African American Female to sit on the bench. Most of us know the questions she was asked and had to endure to be confirmed. Help us raise the $15,000 for this bench. Shhh… this is the silent phase of us raising funds but let me know at www.aamuseumofsouthernaz@gmail.com if you’re interested. Anything helps but if you want to be a sponsor, please contact us. Make sure you make a note that it’s for the bench!

women's plaza of honor

Legacy Founder Investors
Thank you for your support!

Cox Communication
Zuckerman Family Foundation
Elliott Family Charities
Mr.s Roosevelt and Robert Elliott

Our Collections

The AAMSAZ museum is a collective home for stories, artifacts, culture, genealogical data, and how it speaks to the African American human condition. AAMSAZ wants to expand its collections to represent the African American community in Southern Arizona. The collections are held in trust for the Southern Arizona community and for the world and are curated in perpetuity for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of current and future generations.

Photographed here: Fred “The Fox” Snowden – University of Arizona Head Basketball Coach 1972- 1982. First African American Basketball Coach for a Division I Major University. Taken in front of the newly built McKale Center.

Our Programs

Join us for quilting, fun with markers, dance, personal family history exploration, and more!
Grandma Sneed's Art
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To set up a tour or visit the museum it is by appointment.

 February Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM.
March Hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 10 AM – 4PM.

Note: We will be closed from February 22-28 for Tucson Rodeo Days
(all schools are closed) and March 1-14 for the Festival of Books and UA Spring Break.

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Museum Location
  • Museum is located on the Campus of the University of Arizona
    Student Union Room 244
    Park in the 2nd Street Garage
  • Museum is located on the Campus
    of the University of Arizona
    Student Union Room 244
    Park in the 2nd Street Garage
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