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Educational Activities & Programming

AAMSAZ will have a robust educational program including offering fun hands-on projects for students as they learn about African American and Black history. Experience the STEM/STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Arts and Math)STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Agriculture and Math) projects with materials available for a small fee to begin each project during the K-12 student’s visit. When weather persists, AAMSAZ will implement online Rainy or Hot Day Stay–In heat advisory projects.


  • A plate of history with family photos, verses, and poems.
  • Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Kwaanza, Hannukkah, 4th of July


  • Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math.

What Would You Look Like If…?

  • Projected image of what a person might look like in the 1870s allows students to trace freehand the outline image.

Quilt A Square

  • Adding squares to make a 2’ x 2’ quilt
  • Measurements to complete the project.

Food from Then and Now

Cooking & Science
  • What were our families eating 200 years ago?
  • How did slaves grow their food? What did they eat?
  • Learn to grow your food – at the Historic Mission Gardens

Wearing A Crown

  • Afros, dreadlocks, braids, twists, straight hair, and bushy hair.
  • Students can design their own crowns. What unusual hair would you wear?  What would your crown look like?

Family Tree

  • School assignment to tie in with this project
    • Students would need to bring information on parents’ names, maiden names and grandparents’ names and maiden names. 

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