Albert M. Randall

Albert M. Randall (1969-1970)

M.D. Colonel, USAFR, RET | F4 Phantom | F-4 from the 4453 Combat Crew Training Wing | Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.
The primary mission of the wing was to train all aircrews to convert to the F-4C fighter-bomber jet. Following Combat Crew Training was assigned to (PACF) Pacific Air Forces, a Major Command of the United States Air force and also the air component of the United States Pacific Division. This division included the Philippines, Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Viet Nam. It was primarily in 1970 following completion of Combat Crew Training, that  we would rotate through the theater while primarily stationed in Misawa Air Base Japan. The event regarding the confederate flag patch occurred around June 1970.

Awarded: TOP GUN!

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