Mountain View Hotel

Owners: Curly and Annie Neal

It’s March 2, 1895 – the Arizona Weekly Citizen writes about the Mountain View Hotel opening and its’ owners “Curly” and Annie Neal a Black couple. The Neal’s had been living in the Tucson /Oracle area since right before 1885. It was a well known and highly respected hotel where famous people came to stay, dine and celebrate!

Arizona Public Media States:

In the 1890s, the Neal family was one of the wealthiest self-made families in the Tucson area. No small feat considering the Neal’s were Black (Negro Mulatto’s) in a place where less than one-half of 1% of the people were Black or were of mixed-race with African and European, or Native American ancestry. William “Curly” and Annie Neal opened the Mountain View Hotel in Oracle in 1895. It was a luxury resort for people with tuberculosis and a respite for Tucsonans looking to escape the summer heat. Guests included celebrities, prominent business owners, and foreign dignitaries. Newspapers heralded the Neal’s business endeavors. This is their story.

Video Credit: Producer/Editor: Nina Shelton. Videographer: Gage Judd, John DeSoto. Editor: Mya Long, John DeSoto. Graphics: Carolyn Yaussy, Brian Deevers, Elena Lopez. Narrator: Tony Perkins Arizona Illustrated / U Tube / Arizona Historical Society / Arizona Public Media Arizona Weekly Citizen Moniqua Lane an African American Women is the Owner of the Clifton Hotel in Tucson, AZ. With Permission from Producer/Editor Nina Shelton.

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