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Margaret Campbell Story

Her Niece, Cornelia, who lives in Georgia, contacted the museum, to share this wonderful herstory. 

Mrs. Margaret Campbell was the first female African American novelist published in Arizona. She published her book, Iba the Dawn, which is available in UA Special Collections. She lived in the South Park neighborhood at Santa Rita and 29th Street in an underground home. Mrs. Campbell began digging to build the foundation in her home by herself and brought in workmen to complete the job. Her home had three floors, one of which housed a piano. She spoke five languages and gave piano lessons to neighborhood children.

Musical Melodies at Tucson HS

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful music! Your presence and support made the evening truly special and memorable.

It was a great pleasure for us to unite the Tucson High African American Culture Club and the immensely gifted Tucson High Jazz Band, Morani Sanders Quartet, and Angel Spencer for an unforgettable Evening of Musical Melodies. The performances were outstanding, highlighting the abundant musical abilities of our community.

Jack and Jill Teens of Tucson – Double Good – for AAMSAZ

Thank you so much for your support!  

We are so proud and GRATEFUL to the Jack and Jill Tucson Teens for selling $9641 in popcorn! Thank you to the AAMSAZ community for your support – their sales were poppin! Net proceeds totaled $4,820.50. The Jack and Jill Teens of Tucson are donating two-thirds of the funds, $3213.66, to AAMSAZ! Thank you… Jack and Jill Tucson Teens and Advisors, for this thoughtful and beautiful gift!

Supporting HBCUs

Founder Bob Elliott(the right), with NBA Hall of Fame Player Dr. J, Julius Erving(the left).

HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) supported by the NBA at All-Star Weekend. Thank you, NBA and the Pac 12 Initiative, for supporting HBCUs and the commitment to higher education.

We recognize the important role of HBCUs in African American history and highlight the ongoing efforts to support and uplift these institutions.

The event also featured a very special reunion between NBA Hall of Fame player Julius Erving (Dr. J) and AAMSAZ founder Bob Elliott. They were once roommates, and their reunion is a reminder of the rich history of African American excellence that has been achieved through sports and education.

Delta Sigma Theta Toured Museum with Delta Gems (Children)

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Chapter in the Phoenix area toured the museum with more than 60 children to learn about African American history in Southern Arizona. Featured are the chaperones from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority GEMS Academy, who accompanied the tour with the students.

The museum was honored to host an educational tour for over 60 children, organized by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Chapter in the Phoenix area. The children, accompanied by chaperones from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority GEMS Academy with museum volunteers, explored the museum’s exhibits and learned about the struggles and triumphs of African Americans in Southern Arizona.

At AAMSAZ, we offer educational and inspiring events that provide valuable insights and perspectives for children. We want to ensure that the children who attend our events leave with a deeper understanding of African Americans’ rich cultural heritage and history. By promoting cultural awareness and appreciation in our community, we plan to make a positive impact beyond the event itself.

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  • Museum is located on the Campus
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