Mission Garden Field Trip for Booth Fickett

Mission Garden Field Trip for Booth Fickett

On September 14th, we were excited that Ex. Dir. Beverely (AAMSAZ) collaborated with Mission GardenGeicoTUSD’s Booth Fickett K8 (Ms. Parish, Ms.Bray and Jeff Sawyer), The UA School Gardens Workshop, and The Tucson Chapter of the Links, Incorporated to develop a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and the Arts and Math) education program.

This program engaged 4th and 5th-grade students in a unique learning experience. 

As part of this program, the museum provided terra cotta pots for the children to decorate, promoting creativity and the arts. Students also learned practical math skills by measuring the circumference and diameter of their pots.

Thanks to the U of A School Garden Program, students received an Almanac to enhance their understanding of science. Additionally, Geico generously provided SWAG items, including water bottles and sunglasses, allowing students to explore the science of hydration.

The program introduced students to the science of companion planting, emphasizing the importance of diverse plant interactions in gardening.

To further enrich their experience, students toured the gardens and learned about their historic significance, integrating technology into their learning journey.

The program included a cooking and tasting demonstration, where students had the opportunity to savor the herbs and vegetables they had planted.

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