Thank you, OneAZ Credit Union!

Thank you, OneAZ Credit Union!

AAMSAZ Receives Sponsorship from OneAZ Credit Union

Funding Tucson African American Children’s Swim Lessons

The AAMSAZ funds will go toward swim lessons by certified U of A teachers, swim essentials such as towels, goggles, swimsuits, flip flops, and a swim bag for African American children in the Tucson Community. There is a need: Fatality rates from drowning for African American children are staggering. Historically, African American children have not been taught to swim. Among the ages 5 to 19, African Americans drown in pools at a rate 5.5 times that of whites. When all age groups and venues are combined, the ratio is 3.2 to 1.0. That means that for every 100 white children who drown, 320 black children drown.  

Researchers at USA Swimming and the University of Memphis found that 70% of African American people cannot swim at all, while for Caucasians, it is 31%. This program will serve the Tucson African American community, in particular African American children. We will serve 50 to 75 children (ages 4 – 18). If you know of African American children in our community in the age range above, please have them contact

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